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Date: 15-17 June 2021
Venue: Online

Keynote Information Retrieval:Prof. Athman Bouguettaya
Head of School of Comp.Sc.,
University of Sydney, Australia

Title: From IoT Data to Services
The Internet of Things (IoT) is fast becoming a reality with a range of everyday “things” becoming sensor-equipped and internet connected. Ul timately, everything that we see and don’t se e will be connected to the Internet. These Web-enabled “things” will be continuousl y streaming data whose size and volume will dwarf anyt hing we have witnessed so far. This is called Big Data. It is here to stay and in a bi g way. It is coming from all sorts of sensors, including instruments conducting deep space exploration from earth or sa telli tes, sensorized high-energy phys ics, social medi a, s martphones, genomics machines, etc. The cloud has been instrumental in supporting the storage and pr ocessing of the ever increasing amount of data generated by these sensors. “Domesticating” IoT data, i.e., making it useful, however, has been a major challenge. Servi ce computing is the next major evolution of computing that aims at transf orming massive data into artefacts that are acted upon and made “useful”, i.e., turned into ser vices. In this talk, we will first overview the big shift pr oducedby human and phys ical sensors. We will then motivate the need for a uniform service management to service IoT data. We will then describe our latest research that focuses on servicing IoT-basedsensor clouds using transport as an application.
Keynote Computational Linguistic:Prof. Dr. Shahrul Azman Mohd Noah
Professor of Semantic Tech, Info Retrieval & Ontology
Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia
Keynote Knwoledge Management:Professor Albert Zijlstra
School of Physics & Astronomy
University of Manchester

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